TechiTore's way to deal businesses with our clients are forthright and straightforward. Over the previous decade we have furnished our TechiTore Outsourcing network with a progression of achievement. We have provided them with astounding and expert services. We utilize the best assets to convey quality administrations.

We are benefitting nearly 500 clients with the skills, knowledge and experience of our professional teams from India. And TechiTore’s outsourcing help organizations to concentrate more on the core business.

Our Merits

TechiTore’s main goal is to consistently surpass our customer's desires and offer precise solutions.

We understand the definite desires and prerequisites of our global customers and convey the most financially effective and solid solutions for them.

We offer unparalleled services and solutions for every one of our client's necessities, alongside many more custom services that our clients may require.

Our team is technically splendid and we don't anticipate any hitches and glitches coming up around there.

We are the best and upfront in this field with proven customer support management through advanced technology.

Our professional group of experts, ably supported by our resilient team to ensure the quality and productivity.

We are accessible non-stop from Monday to Friday.


TechiTore has burnished the Outsourcing process for the last 7 years and remains as a benchmark in the industry for its straightforwardness, specialized help, savvy and inventive work.


We are expertly connected with the advisors situated in the United States and the United Kingdom


TechiTore was established in 2012 and has branches in the US and UK, which are expertized in Call center services and Technical voice support

Work Force

The current workforce strength is 40+ and growing.